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“adrift” is the late December 2009 release by euphoreador. It continues the dark and ominous music that euphoreador has been doing but in uniquely distinct ways. “adrift” is the new album and delves into reproduction, fallibility, dna, hope and of course life. “adrift” has many melody lines played with a myriad of instruments and some of the songs are heavy riffing guitars to others that are of a middle Eastern flare. Come “adrift” with euphoreador.


released December 31, 2009

Josh Hinck






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Track Name: Too Far to be Remembered
Too far to be Remembered

Looking into the past
Is like looking fast
Into the future

I’ve been sifting through truths
Of genealogy and gin
And gynecological irregularities
And preponderance of mystical lands
Lie under the further sands

Even though they slip away
It haunts this day

Well I’m just too far away
To be remembered
My little voice did say
As my visage blurred

Day in day out
A little more
Night into keeping
What you do
Day in day out
How oft do I think
About the real
Came from
And not where
We’re going
What do we do
In this temporal flesh
With each other’s empathy
Filled in anguish
If we hanged her onto
That ethical barrier
I mean if we gave a fuck

It’s better to think now than when you can’t think anymore
Track Name: The Mush and the Might
The Mush and the Might

The spout of your mouth
Like a river of currency
You say behave
And I say let’s get dirty
I want to breed

Circling our minds
Trouble and temptation
Some say the bold and the beautiful
Are inert elite
I just say go fuck yourself
Cause the people who care
Are better everywhere

Sacrosanct silver and grime
When out of the sorrow’s song
Long flung you brung

You better run before you get killed
But the hole in the ground
Has already been filled
With the mush and the might
Of a sorrowful sight
Of us all pretending to be right

If it taints then it won’t be gold
If it breaks we can no longer hold
Them precious foolery
Along with trivial things

Sounds like every
Sounds like a barrow
Well come bare in mind
And let you see


You better run before you get killed
But the hole in the ground
Has already been filled
With the mush and the might
Of a sorrowful sight
Of us all trying to be right
And we’re wrong
Track Name: Rift Valley
Rift Valley

You come back to me sans subterfuge
As deluge clings to parched desert sands
It’s way too much and too fast
Aghast the rivers flashed flood
And the waters are 33 grasping hands deep
To have and to keep
To hold and to know

To bring down the pomp and glamour
And burn change the three ring show
With the big top all aglow
The Circus Maximus is the poignant kiss
Well what’s become of
Stuttered to no avail and the mast and sail
Inflates as billow we fall upon the pillow of grass
Me and this fallible lass
With up skirt and down dress
With arched curves we confess
We’re omnivoric whores
We’re human stars amongst scores
We’re gluttonous fasters
We’re servants and we’re masters
We’re healed sores gaping fresh anew
Like whatever plasters the sobered glue
Of red white deepest black and blue
Oh fuck the onslaught slew the spirit flew
Just to test its wings and rally
Despite hoops and flaming rings
The human heart it sings
Track Name: God Damned You Charred Earth
God Damned You Charred Earth

I did not even know that we may die
Collecting caveats hence bodies
That ply their way to the sky
Rhyme and reason is a failing season
Dreary a dark lost frost
I crossed Lethe with Styx a fire to burn
And then I struck a match
God damned you charred Earth
It burned for what it’s worth
For icing on the cake I shake him down
And his face is planted firm
Beneath the matted muck this stupid fuck
Thinks 100 grand is gonna stop me
From silencing him and his sperm

The one grandest of truths
I just found out
Is each and every one of us does die
Reaching for money
A blank check blank stare
What the fuck do we care

I did not even know that we may die
Neglecting caveats in your inner thigh
The bodies that ply
Reaching for money
Blank check blank stair
What the fuck do we care
Track Name: Retreat Down the Long Haul
Retreat Down the Long Haul

Been being sown up
Under the stitches
Been scratching off all my riches
Been digging ditches deeper, further
With the loins of my britches
And yet I still haven’t found
A taste for above ground
To be sliding within great sleep’s fold
Of nation-hood yourself
Get prepared for unnerving sites
And frights of passage
The tales the rails
The horse’s hooves
Are the best of glues
To tie and bind the mind
Until we guess its moves
Let’s start being fucking kind
Track Name: Topography

So it brings account with the growing shade
What does it mean what hath god rotten made
We opened the window and even beckoned indeed
That the succubus was Lorealei
Yeah, that’s our speed

Back to what we brought to the killing fields
Crescent swords and crosses on shields
We slaughtered and foddered and blundered
Then laundered in blood
We questioned the other’s purity
Then we rolled around in mud

Cause I want to get me more
Do what, do you want to get now
You want to get more Gitmo
You want to have
But none of us wants to give anymore
Track Name: What Are You Looking For
What Are You Looking For

What are you looking for
There is not much I would not do
Like a cornered animal wild
That never breaks through
The tethering cords piled soft and high
Velvet on the threshing bedroom floorboards
Your tongue is dual swords

This isn’t right

This isn’t wrong
This isn’t anything
That makes everyone’s life longer
Tell in passion
Even day’s illusion foolery
Stand down
We don’t
You don’t look
We don’t leap

What are you looking for
There is not much I would not do
Like a cornered animal wild
That never breaks through
The tethering cords piled soft and high
Velvet on the threshing bedroom floorboards
Your tongue is dual swords
Slicing and cutting
Our vows of exchange
Track Name: Forage

Nights in black satin
Sheets of rain in velvet pleats
Pain the flesh carnival
With choice repeats
The crop cracks the time
And bites the sex
With dank dark beats

Lick suck
Turn your other cheek and let me fuck
Taste spaced
Together we both go down on her luck
Then slow we have ours to go on and on

Naked flesh naked flame
It reeks of danger
When everyone knows
Each other’s name
Masked naked in mesh
From Istanbul to Marrakech
The damsel and the dame

Deeper deeper down

Flinch twist
Your pussy’s lips
Are the only ones she’s kissed
Give an inch resist
Our lives are vapid
As the salient mist
Track Name: Carnal Gethesemene
Carnal Gethsemene

If since before we were born we fought against millions
Just for a chance to reach the wall
On a spearheaded long shot civilians

Ovulating lady
May I ask you to dance

Wounded I came
Lay beside me learn your name

Wounded I came

How don’t we take it to go
Face down down roll on missy
Hey June Bug tow the line
To Jupiter lead the way
Pay first speak second
Down on your knees third
(Thirties and dirty these)
All you’ve heard
Women are prayer for him over there
(Whim and a prayer for hymn over there)
Carnal Gethsemene
With her and me
Since before we’re born we fought against millions
Just for a chance to reach the wall
On a spearheaded long shot civilians ovulating
And now and now
We live amongst billions
Underneath an ignorance pall
That behavior is controlled by reptilian’s brain
Track Name: Denomination

You better start running in the lengths of time
When we are feeling light
With Mercuriac wings
Feet travel through things
And bodies collapse around
On the chanson* lane Champ-Elysees
We go to hell after triumphing this way
And when bodies die next
That’s got me thinking
Yeah well that’s what’s got me thinking
And then the children here in this world
What will they be

I’m sure the children of the next generation
They don’t what our piles of shit
Like we didn’t want them
Thrust that were upon our ass
When we came to top with little of class
We never knew what instore would befell
Hard to tell
But I’m sure they don’t want any of it
This huge pile of bullshit
We’re aching to give to them

All things come to an end

What they want is to be free
Given a life to be a little human

You’re running now
Get your feet placed firmly on the pavement
Move into the next of square
Cause hell water is a fantasy from there
It’s desert oasis and tragedy

Little beautiful child you ain’t much alive
But when you get old you’ll always regret
That everyone around you sold you such shit
And noone cared enough to give you
The real scoop the real plan
That hardship and high ideals
Are what is human’s hand
Dealt felt black in velvet velour
The overrated heart is to assume that it is pure
It grows wider upon this wrong
And there is love somewhere far away
Don’t let your life go before
You’ve given a chance some more
Hold me tender feel then

Make a stance for romance
Then take the floor
In a dance of parlance
They’ll all adore
St. George’s lance says your rants
Pierce to the core
Of Rosencrantz slide askance
And search for more
Track Name: Man Down For Love
Man Down For Love

I was a simpleton caught in a maelstrom
Tossed pell-mell like a rag doll
From the precipice of hell

I was a blithering fool
Throwing my flailing arms about
Trying to grasp why the whirling detritus
We buy and sell

Adrift in dust

Adrift in dust and sluice
The tether was cut loose
There is no static footing to call home
Oh well, oh well

Oh ancient oracle of Delphi
Where am I in relation to you

I was a naysayer
And privy to inconventionality
So wonder wonder wonder is my fun
Thunder is a clay enclave
Prometheus gave us fire
And I used it to
Perpetuate your desire in you

I was a simpleton caught in
An open box
Tossed pell-mell
I was a class defined
Like a rag doll
Into the things we
Precipice of hell
Encapsulate and call unkind
Throwing my flailing arms about
We are humanity
Whirling detritus
We are humanity
We buy and sell
We are humanity
We are humanity
Adrift in dust